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19.01.2019 // 16:30 – 18.30 h: A Humanitarian Crisis is not a Refugee Crisis, Workshop

Workshop im Rahmen der Lelka & Mania Workshoptage von 18.-20.01.2019 im Gängeviertel. Weitere Informationen und noch viele weitere spannende Veranstaltungen unter: http://www.lelka-mania.de/

A Humanitarian Crisis is not a Refugee Crisis

Every day and all over the world people make one of the most difficult decisions in their lives: leaving their countries in search of a better and safer life.

There are several reasons for the decision to leave. War, human rights abuses, injustice global system, underdevelopment, climate change and natural disasters and are driving people to leave their homes. More than 60 million people leaved thier countires – half of them children  in search of better opportunities or just to survive.

These journeys suffered by these people can be fraught with danger and fear. Some people make it and arrive safe and some did not make it. Some are detained by the authorities upon their arrival in a new country but many of people who got the right of asylum. Learnt the language and got a job and start new life and Many of them are exposed daily to racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, discrimination and face the risk of deportation.

We will discuss issues related to asylum and migration Rights , freedom of movement and humanitarian and political obligation in very open creative way and work together to understand the situation and how can we find a good solutions which guaranty equal rights for all humans.

Salah Zater is a TV-journalist, activist from Libya who lives in Hamburg since 2015 engaged in refugee and migration issues, racism, islamophobia and f freedom of speech and movement.